“The Winds of War”

Writer: Paul Kupperberg

Artists: Tod Smith and Pablo Marcos

Peacemaker has fallen into a trap set by Micah the right hand man of Dr. Tzin-Tzin. Micah is goaded into a one on one fight with Peacemaker. Unfortunately for him he underestimates the crazy of Peacemaker. Goaded on by the image of his dead Nazi father, he breaks the back of Micah. Then he finds the electronic device that disabled his gear and manages to take off and escape. No sooner when he returns to his base then a report comes of terrorists attacking the Pax building in Geneva. So he takes off and kills all the terrorists except one. Threatening to toss him out he finds the location of a base. Meanwhile his girlfriend is captured. The Soviet and American generals in charge of guarding the peace conference in Berlin have been secretly hypnotized by Tzin-Tzin. They deploy the troops to leave an opening to attack. Peacemaker attacks the base in Paris and finds that there is equipment for a dirigible. We finds out that Tzin-Tzin has a dirigible he is riding as they plan to attack the peace conference.

I really love this series. Kupperberg does an excellent job of portraying Peacemakers psychosis with him and the image of his Nazi father. This image just goads him on. One time he tells him that he is just a figment of Peacemaker’s imagination which really sets the guy into a mental breakdown. There is something fascinating that the fate of the world rests in someone so mentally unstable. At the end is an article that gives us this time the background to three of Peacemaker’s supporting characters. A real exciting story and look forward to the final conclusion.

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