“The Wages of Tzin!”

Writer: Paul Kupperberg

Artists: Tod Smith and Pablo Marcos

Terrorists have seized the Concorde at DeGaulle airport that has the American delegation to NATO. There are three superpowered terrorists that keep back the army. Peacemaker comes in and takes them out with his advanced weapons and electronic devices. He saves the hostages but there are many other terrorist attacks occurring that succeed, including one that kills nine members of the Soviet Politburo. Dr. Tzin-Tzin feels that Peacemaker is a threat to his plans and assigns his top man to eliminate him.

Christopher Smith the Peacemaker is mentally losing it. He goes and tortures a terrorist in Ireland to find out who is behind the attacks. He gets a contact who runs a cathouse in Budapest. So he goes there and finds out it is a trap. The guy Tzin-Tzin assigned is there with twenty men and electronic devices that jam Peacemakers tech.

This is a really interesting character. Unlike the Charlton stories this guy is really borderline insane. He talks to the image of his Nazi father who is always criticizing him for being too weak. He has no qualms about torturing people and threatens to make the terrorists deaths slow if they harm anyone. A fictional report at the end tells that the government wanted someone mentally unstable so they could disavow him if he ever got caught. A really dark antihero. I definitely love this reimaged character.

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