“The Shatterer of Worlds”

Writer: Michael Fleisher

Artists: Gary Kwapisz and Ernie Chan

The demon cult is performing the ceremony to resurrect Wraal. They are too greedy and spill the blood of the harlot in their fight to be the first to drink it. So they must get more blood and delay the ceremony. Nicos Irestides is a young apprentice scholar at the Nemedian academy. His job is to chronicle the adventures of Conan. Being an apprentice he gets the grunt jobs of getting supplies. While doing this he comes on the demons taking the blood from a prostitute. He overhears they are trying to revive Wraal. Unfortunately his superiors don’t believe him. Neither do the city guard. So he goes off to find Conan. One of the guard is sent along to see if he can find Conan. Along the way he comes on mercenaries chopped up by him. A tavern wrecked. Some prostitutes who have been very satisfied with his visit. He finally tracks Conan who has just rescued a bride from a marriage to a noble to return to her true love. Of course the young girl has to be sexually satisfied by Conan.

It is here that young Nicos finds Conan and tells him of the cults plans. Conan takes him as serious as everyone else. Only the cult also needs a bride who has not consummated her marriage and go to kidnap her. They manage to grab her and young Nicos. Conan gets captured by the Nemedian guard but the young man that hired Conan also arrives to get his revenge on him. He escapes in the fight and comes to the temple where the cult is reviving Whaarl. Conan throws his knife killing the demon about to sacrifice the young girl. Only the knife falls and manages to prick her throat and release some drops of blood. This is enough to bring back Whaarl. The ceremony has revived a Shatterer of Worlds. This being will destroy both Earth and Wraal’s world. So Wraal sacrifices himself to stop the creature and save both worlds.

“Bonus Pinups”

Artist: Tony Salmons

Two full page drawing of Conan. Not really a good artist.

“The Vezek Inn”

Writer: Jim Owsley

Artist: Mike Docherty

Conan has just successfully destroyed a Zamoran regiment leading Turanian mercenaries. Now he stops at an inn for a good nights sleep. Only the defeated Zamorans stop by to lick their wounds. The two commanders get in an argument about whose fault it was for the defeat. Soon the Zamorans are fighting amount themselves. Conan wakes to find them all knocked out and rides off.

Now this was a really fun issue. I liked the idea of telling the story through the eyes of this young scholar. We get to see the aftermath of Conan being someplace. He naturally leaves a trail of death, destruction and satisfied women. There are several factions out to get him and they fight among themselves. I was surprised that it ended with Wraal sacrificing himself to save the world. He regards humans as worms but truly cares about his world and people. He showed real courage and bravery in his self sacrifice. This with the beautiful Kwapisz/Chan artwork made this an enjoyable read.

As for the backup story it was good. A solid little one that has Conan be Conan. Yet it had the irony of his enemies fighting among themselves instead of getting their revenge. All around this was a very enjoyable issue.

3 thoughts on “SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #109

  1. If you look in the letters page of this issue, you’ll find a letter from me, Chris Schillig (then of Homeworth, Ohio), griping about an earlier issue of Savage Sword. The editor sniped right back at me, too.

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