Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Matt Gaudio

The two Bills have managed to check out Calamity from the secret underground mental facility. Only her time there was a complete waste for the first thing she does is kill her doctor and the orderlies. She then finds out that she was released to kill John Wick. John meanwhile is in his room digging bullets out of himself. Charon arrives with a doctor and news that Calamity is out the get him. She has put out the word that she is hiring. Charon offers to get Wick out or get him more weapons. John looks out and sees that there are several assassins already waiting outside. He then goes and kills them and takes their guns and ammo. He sends a message for Calamity to meet him outside of the city at a quarry. Calamity notices that it is far away from where innocent civilians could get hurt. So she takes a rocket launcher and puts one into an office building downtown.

So this issue does a very good job of establishing Calamity as a very psychotic woman but also very dangerous. She has problems at first understanding that someone would care about all the people that she killed for fun. This was just pure Wick that he casually takes what he needs from the assassins. This establishes the world we know from the movies. That assassins lurk everywhere dressed as normal people. We also see the beginnings of the friendship between Charon and himself. A great series that builds up to a big final.

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