Writer: Kyle Starks

Artist: Chris Schweizer

Spencer takes his dog and the captive Martian through the city. In the background the military is attacking a huge bug. They camp for the night and the Martian wants to eat the dog. Spencer says he is lucky that he doesn’t let the dog eat him. They arrive at Fort Woods and find it completely leveled. Just then the Martian jumps Spencer and tries to take his laser pistol. Only Spencer recovers and is about to shoot the Martian when these cylinders rise from the ground. Inside are the President and some soldiers. Spencer finds out his capture of the laser box and the Martian has helped the military plan for their attack on Mars. The President asks if Spencer would like to sign up and join the attack. He agrees and gives his dog to the President’s daughter to take care of. Later he is a soldier blasting off to Mars. Before an attack on a city he leaves the Alamo salt and pepper shakers on the ground in tribute to his father.

I liked the ending to this series. We get to see Spencer finally become a man that his father would be proud of. It had some nice artwork with large epic pages. The beginning has them casually walking through the ruined city as a battle is taking place in the background. There was some humor. At the end we see Earth fighting back. Don’t really know how they accomplished this but really don’t care. It was a good ending with a touching tribute to Spencer’s father the Major. This series is not as good as the Topps or IDW runs but it was a decent effort. I liked the characters and the story for the most part flowed smoothly.

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