Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Matt Gaudio

Billy and Buffalo have managed to escape Wick. They meet up with their hired help as a car comes racing toward them. They manage to shoot at it and it crashes. Only it was a diversion for Wick set the car to race at the group as he gets into position. He manages to shoot the armed thugs. The two Bills try to negotiate with Wick. They tell him the real one responsible for the destruction is Calamity. That they took care of her. Wick has a flashback and remembers these two having fun shooting people and continues to try and kill them. The Bills escape and Wick is offered an invitation to meet Maria at the Continental. So he goes there and Maria wants to hire him. Wick refuses and leaves so Maria then goes to the two Bills and collects their markers for sheltering them. They are required to get Calamity and so go to the mental hospital where Calamity is locked in a cell. They are to kill John Wick.

The third issues gives us some more badass Wick doing what he does best, which is shooting people left and right. This Calamity sounds like a very interesting character. From the flashbacks she seems to be a total nutjob which should make things interesting. The book tells the story with mostly images which I love. The art is beautiful and the character of Wick is just like he was established in the movies.

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