Writer: Kyle Starks

Artist: Chris Schweizer

Spencer, the Major and the dog continue to evade the Martians. The wheelbarrow wheel breaks and this forces them to seek shelter in a nearby building. They find it is inhabited by a guy with an assault rifle. The guy is a bit nuts and orders them out. He starts yelling which attracts the Martians who burn a hole in the wall. They kill the crazy guy as Spencer and the Major get away. The Major decides to stay behind to give time for Spencer to get away. He dies fighting the Martians. This gets Spencer angry and when the Martians exit the building, he sneaks up on one and cuts the cord on his helmet. He grabs up the Martian box gun and kills the others. Then destroys one of the giant robots. A Martian comes out of the building and surrenders. Now Spencer has his dog and a Martian prisoner in a very hostile world.

This was a very enjoyable issue. We have the Major sacrifice himself to save his son. We finally see Spencer start to take things serious and successfully fight back against the Martians. He is becoming the man his father always wanted him to be. A story that had a minimum of dialogue and told the story in pictures which I always appreciate. A story filled with drama and excitement. The series is really getting good.

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