“The Eyes of G’Bharr Rjinn!”

Writer: Michael Fleisher

Artist: Rudy Nebres

Conan rescues the daughter of a rich merchant from a kidnapping attempt and takes her back to her father. There he sees his many artifacts he collects including the Eye of G’Barr Rjinn. G’Barr was an god way back that pissed off the elder gods so he was burned up. Nothing was left but his eyes. This eye can shoot fire. Meanwhile Sharaq Boraq has entered a tavern to recruit men to help him kill Conan. When they mock him he starts to kill them. Then locks the rest inside the tavern and sets it on fire. Also while this is happening the Snow Raven the Khitain thief is about to be hanged. She manages to escape by making a bolo out of some mugs and the belt of a Mitran priest she managed to steal it from. Both these characters meet while stealing the other eye of G’Barr Rjinn from the provincial governor’s home. Boraq agrees to have the Snow Raven help him in stealing the other one.

They manage to break into the merchants home and surprise they meet Conan. Conan manages to chase them off but not before they steal the other eye. The Snow Raven comes to Conan later at night to basically get a good tumble from Conan. The merchant’s daughter sees this and gets jealous so reports to her father that Conan is in league with the thieves. Conan though manages to get out before the guard comes to arrest him. He finds that Boraq has mounted the eyes in his helmet. One can freeze which he has frozen the Snow Raven. The other traps Conan in its mystical flame. Conan manages to grab the Snow Raven’s bolos and knock Boraq down. His helmet falls off and Conan manages to beat him. The Snow Raven grabs his helmet and freezes him. She takes one eye while giving the other to Conan. They ride off leaving Boraq frozen but alive and ready to thaw out.

“Bonus Pinups!”

Artist: Rudy Nebres

Three large drawing of Conan.

“Deepest Devotion”

Writer: Alan Rowlands

Artist: Tony Salmons

Conan and Belit are raiding a ship with the treasures of the priests of Ishtar. A giant is ordered to take the treasure chest and jump overboard to deny it falling into the pirates hands. Conan jumps him after him and gets the treasure. Only it is empty and a decoy to distract from the real treasure. Belit knows this and Conan decides to tie the empty chest around the head priest and toss him into the ocean.

Another Fleisher story with good old Boraq Sharaq. He is just still one nut job obsessed with killing Conan. He also decided to bring back the Snow Raven which is a cool character. Also once again he gives us one of these ridiculous names. I have the say that the story was a bit silly. I mean I didn’t understand why he decided to join forces with the Snow Raven. Conan also decides not to kill the guy but let him live to go on stalking him. I am not sure that is a responsible thing. I mean Boraq is always killing and raping all these innocent people along the way. Seems the responsible thing would be to put him out of his misery. I guess Fleisher didn’t want to get rid of this villain just yet. In spite of its goofy premise the story moved fast and had some beautiful Nebres artwork.

As for the backup I can’t say much for the art. The artist is unknown to me and I can see why he is unknown. The artwork was very crude and just not good. Fortunately the writing was and the story was amusing. So this issue was OK but not really my favorite.

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