Writer: Kyle Starks

Artist: Chris Schweizer

Spencer and the Major have linked up with an Army unit. They are taking them to safety at Ft. Woods. The Major takes this time to tell everyone of what a disappointment his son is. Along the way a saucer comes by and unleashes giant flying bugs on the Army. A battle ensues with the Army coming out on the losing end. Spencer and the Major manage to avoid them. While doing this Spencer lets his father know what he feels about all the complaining. The two reconcile and have a heartwarming moment after escaping the Martians.

You know this issue was mostly one with Spencer and the Major talking about their feelings while trying to escape the Martians. I normally don’t like these type of issues but this one was actually pretty good. I thought the emotions between the two were realistic and this felt like real people that were family. We saw new insights into both characters and this was handled quite well. A good issue.

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