Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Giovanni Valletta

El Paso, Texas and a young John Wick stops for some pie at a local diner. There are some loudmouths there that get on his nerves but they eventually leave. John then goes to a rented room. We then get a flashback to twelve years ago in Baja, California when John was a boy. He is being chased by three guys. These guys decide to pull a rocket launcher and try to stop John. They set off some cars and decide to shoot some witnesses. Back to the present and across from his room there is something going on. A guy is being surrounded by armed men. John goes over a beam that connects the buildings and crashes through the window. He kills most of the armed men. His goal is one Pecos who was one of the three men from the flashback. John gets some revenge and the guy he rescued named Charon offers to take him to the local Continental.

I really love these movies. They remind me of the old action movies I loved in the eighties and nineties. Keanu Reeves is such a badass that takes on overwhelming odds and comes out a winner. So this series is giving us a young Wick before he became the renowned Baba Yaga. So far it has an intriguing origin for Wick and the story has the right feel to a John Wick movie. Looks like we will get to see how he started to establish his reputation and association with the Continental. I think I am going to like this series.

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