Writer: Kyle Starks

Artist: Chris Schweizer

Spencer Carbutt is visiting his dad at the nursing home. His father a former Marine major is a cantankerous old guy. Spencer is somewhat of a slacker and just quit his seventh job this year. Sadly Spencer faces disappointment as his dad is flat broke. They are interrupted by the doctor coming around and asking if they are interested in a lethal dose of pentobarbital. Naturally the two are shocked but soon find out that Martians have invaded and are destroying everything. Soon they will be there and many residents and staff are opting for suicide. Spencer and the Major decide to get out and head for the nearby military base. Only the Martians have come and already destroyed all the cars. So Spencer loads up his dad in a wheelbarrow and takes off. Meanwhile at the Presidential bunker we find out that the Martians seem unstoppable and are upsetting the President’s daughter.

Mars Attacks is one of those titles I loved from the nineties. The Topps series was awesome and the IDW one was equally awesome. Based on trading cards from the sixties they depict ruthless Martians destroying society. I was a little unsure about this incarnation. It seemed at first a bit too comedic instead of the serious straight way that the previous series were. The art looked cartoony and some of the humor is a bit hokey. Yet I found myself getting drawn into the story. I really like these two characters of Spencer and the major. They seem like real believable characters and I am already rooting for them to succeed. This series is off to a good start.

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