“The Survivors!”

Writer: Joe Gill

Artist: Pat Boyette

Christopher Smith is on assignment to a uranium mine in the eastern block. He is inspecting it to see if the Commies are honoring a disarmament treaty. The mine seems inactive but he is suspicious that they have all these weapons pointed at the mine entrance. So he goes in to look around. He gets captured by a race that look like shapeless white blobs. These are former slave laborers that the radiation mutated. These slaves can now change their appearance to look like anyone. They also found a city from an ancient civilization intact. Using the recovered technology they have drilled to all the world’s cities with an underground mole. They plan to assume the identities of world leaders and start a war to destroy civilization. Christopher escapes and changes into the Peacemaker. He is captured again but uses hidden explosives to escape his cage. His laser helmet destroys the mole and sets off a chain reaction that destroys the mine.

“The Ultimatum”

Writer: Joe Gill

Artist: Pat Boyette

Premier Gekk of some Soviet type country is out to conquer the world. He has build up an army and most importantly has a squadron of advanced bombers. These bombers can fly at 3,000 mph, have a recoilless 80mm cannon that fires nuclear shells and rockets that also are nuclear. Gekk gives Christopher an ultimatum to deliver to the President. Surrender or be totally destroyed. Christopher goes to deliver the message but instead changes into the Peacemaker. Using his advanced jet he manages to destroy the squadron and they crash into the army detonating their nuclear shells. Then he unleashed a knockout gas on the rest of the army. Gekk is forced to surrender to U.N. disarmament inspectors.

“The Fightin’ 5”

Writer: Joe Gill

Artist: Montes Bache

The Fightin’ 5 need a new member since the death of Irv the Nerve. Their leader Hank Hennessey is also now without his left arm and eye. The computer choses the Soviet defector Sonya from their last mission. Hank now has to stay behind and supervise because of losing body parts as the four member go off. Their mission is in the artic where the Soviets have captured technicians from a radar site. The Five go looking for them flying around on their jet packs. They find the secret Soviet base hidden behind an artificial fog bank. The group is captured by Soviets on their jet packs firing knockout missiles. Sonya convinces the commander she is with the NKVD and isn’t locked away. She then frees her teammates and the captive technicians. They destroy the base and head on home.

Another fun old hokey issue from the early days of the cold war. The first story was a bit different in having an opponent you can sympathize with. These guys were mutated by the Commies and used as slave labor. Now they just want to get back at the world by destroying it. I can understand that. Still they have to be destroyed to save world peace.

The second is the more typical evil power mad goatee guy dressed as a Cossack leader out to conquer the world. They always look the same. Anyway this guy has some real balls in just demanding the world surrender. Thankfully they have the Peacemaker with his super high tech stuff or otherwise the world would be Commie by now.

Finally is the Fightin’ 5. I don’t remember Hank losing an arm and eye but the story did end kind of abruptly last issue. Anyway we find out old Irv the Nerve had to die so they can replace him with the hot Commie chick. Naturally being a former Commie the other guys don’t trust her. This seems to be confirmed when she goes over to the Soviets. Joe should really pay attention to stuff going on in the world. The NKVD changed over the to the KGB back in the fifties well after this was written. Anyway it all works out in the end.

Another fun issue filled with improbable technology and evil Commies out to take over the world.

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