“The Price of Blood Chapter Three”

Writer: Luke Lieberman

Artist: Walter Geovani

Sonja with her friends Elli and the Mitrain priest Sylvan are ambushing the governor of the province. Only it is a trap and they finds themselves fighting a lot more men. Elli and Sylvan are killed but Sonja escapes after throwing a poisoned dagger into the governor. Later she meets up with her employer Yfat. Yfat betrays Sonja and knocks her unconscious. She turns her in for the reward which is how Sonja ends up in the dungeon. The guards come to take her to her trial and execution. She denounces the general and all the men she killed. This divides the crowd for some want her released while others hanged. Sonja is taken to the gallows but Yfat managed to weaken the rope so it breaks. Under the gallows she left a bow and arrows which Sonja uses to kill the general. Yfat rides in and rescues Sonja. Later it is revealed that Yfat was a spy from Shem who was there to stop the invasion of her country. Sonja gets paid off and rides off looking for new adventure.

The final installment of this miniseries ends on an exciting note. It starts out tragically as we lose two characters that I have come to love. A bit of a surprise in Yfat’s betrayal but it was all part of her plan. A nice reveal in that she was a spy from Shem which explains her motives. This was an enjoyable miniseries and filled with beautiful artwork. As I said before it was a nice change of pace to get back to adventures with just Sonja in the Hyborean age.

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