“Way Way Back”

Writer: Jordie Bellaire

Artist: Drew Moss

Sonja wakes up on Drakulon and finds that Vampirella is in a coma. Vampirella also has a daughter named Valeria. Sonja also finds out that Drakulon is suffering some kind of disease. Sonja has Valeria take her to the source of this sickness which is in a forest. There they are attacked by some huge creature with multiple blue eyes. Sonja recognizes it as a god of pestilence. They barely escape with their lives. Later back home Vampirella comes out of her coma and reveals that to save Sonja’s live she turned her into a vampire. Sonja is actually happy and uses her newfound vampiric strength to take on the giant god creature.

So now Sonja finds herself on Drakulon and there is this Lovecraftian type god creature that is destroying Drakulon. Vampirella apparently has a daughter who is a bit timid. Sonja is now a vampire and is able to take on this god. Yes there is all sorts of stuff just being thrown into the plot and hoping it will stick. I will say that this issue was a bit more coherent that the last few but that’s not a high bar.

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