“NYC 1920”

Writer: Jordie Bellaire

Artist: Drew Moss

Red Sonja is looking for the missing Vampirella. She continues to work with the corrupt cops and has the talking rat as a guide. One night they go to a club and the main act is Vampirella. She is under the mind control of Blue Baby. The entertainment is interrupted by gangsters busting in with guns blazing. Blue Baby has these strange mulit-eyed creatures attack everyone. Sonja tries to get him and ends up pulling down the balcony he is on. Blue Baby goes to finish Sonja off but something happens. There is an explosion and Vampirella and Sonja are unconscious grasping hands. It switches to Sonja waking up in bed and Vampirella telling her she is on Drakulon.

OK so I guess the writer must think the plot isn’t any of the readers business. What the hell is going on? This series is really becoming a mess. Not a fun mess either just a mess. I dare someone to find some type of coherence in this story. Well we are now on Drakulon somehow and I guess stuff will continue to happen. Lets see next week if something starts to make sense.

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