“Riders on the Sky!”

Writer: Bill Mantlo

Artists: Sal Buscema & Sonny Trinidad

Skull and his friends have survived the pits and are now worshipped as gods by the Incans. They find out that Captain Cochran was a topographer for the Navy in 1945. He went out on a plane looking for the TBY Avenger squadron that disappeared and was sucked through the time warp to the past. He was considered a god because he came from the sky although half his face was scarred in the crash. While they are getting this story the high priest who tried to kill Cochran manages to break out of his cell with help from his followers. These followers mount an attack on the city mounted on pterodactyls. They wound Cochran and the priest using some magic of his own propels a vase into Skull’s head and knocks him unconscious. Ends with Skull knocked out and his friends being captured for future sacrifice.

So this is unfortunately the final issue of Skull. Poor sales gives us an abrupt end with a cliffhanger. Now two people have pointed out that Skull’s story gets some closure in Marvel Two-In-One. I have ordered them so next week we will get to see how Skull and company get out of their situation. I think this was a really cool and unique idea for a comic. Every issue so far was excellent and this series had some real potential. It had time travel in the Bermuda Triangle, dinosaurs, aliens, robots, lost Incans and a likable cast. Who knows why some good things never catch on.

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