“Blue Baby”

Writer: Jordie Bellaire

Artist: Drew Moss

Sonja and Vampirella are confronted by gangsters in 1920’s New York. They easily manage to overpower them and take their clothes. Vampirella finds a note in the jacket with a time and place so they go to check it out. Along the way Sonja gets hungry and finds a rat to eat. Only this rat can talk. It is the old witch that originally had the Generation Stone. The two find out the gangsters were meeting some corrupt police. They are working with someone called Blue Baby that uses kids to brew illegal alcohol. Blue Baby is actually some kind of demon that is mind controlling the kids. He sends the kids to get the Generation Stone. When Vampirella chases after them, she is knocked out by the mind power of Blue Baby and taken prisoner. Sonja finds the stone abandoned and no Vampirella.

Well the story has moved into 1920’s New York. Once again it is really weird. I mean why in Hell is Sonja going to eat a rat raw. She can’t be that hungry. Luckily the rat can talk so it doesn’t get eaten. So for no apparent reason they are in New York. Beat up some gangsters and go to meet some corrupt cops. They work with a demon who controls kids and makes moonshine. Yeah this makes perfect sense. Well there are some more issues so it might start making sense.

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