“Bury My Heart in the City of Gold”

Writer: Bill Mantlo

Artists: Sal Buscema & Sonny Trinidad

Skull, Ann, Corey and Jeff are taken by the Incans to a city of gold. There they find out the king and high priest both speak English. They also are tossed into these pits. Ann, Jeff and Corey into a pit with pteranodons. Skull has to face a stegosaurus. Skull manages to get his alien belt working as the high priest turns on the king and pushes him into the pit with Skull. Skull drives the stegosaurus through the wall into the other pit where his friends are. Ann manages to find a grenade belt lying around and uses a grenade to destroy the pteranodons. It is revealed that the king is a U.S. Navy captain. While this is going on we find out Senator Turner has hired Lancer to mount an expedition to get his son. He has hired mercenaries and a group of fighter jets to accomplish this. His motives are he betrayed Skull while he was a P.O.W. and fears that if he doesn’t get Skull then Skull will get him.

Well another fun and exciting issue. Skull and the gang have an adventure in this Incan city and fight off dinosaurs as a test. They also run into someone from their own world. This Navy captain is an intriguing fellow. He has half his face all blue which sounds like an interesting story. We get some backstory for Lancer and why he is out to get Skull. This subplot has great potential to turn into a wild meeting. I am glad Mantlo brought back Skull’s companions. They add to the story and don’t make Skull this loner which has been done before. It gives him some more depth to his character.

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