“The Informer”

Writers: John Buscema and Michael Fleisher

Artists: John Buscema and Ernie Chan

Conan is with the survivors of his crew after being attacked by Zingarians. The group is in a small skiff and in the middle of a hurricane. The ship breaks up and only Conan and one member make it to shore alive. They find three guys buried up to their neck in the beach so the surf will drown them. While freeing them soldiers that put them there come and take everyone prisoner. Conan now finds himself the prisoner of Queen Arakthalia of an unnamed Shemite city-state. Conan leads a breakout and eventually ends up leading the rebels.

Conan is very successful but one of his men the young Maynar finds his girlfriend prostituting herself. She wants money and a depressed Maynar is captured by the city guard. They torture him and he figures to get a reward so he can get his girlfriend. Only they kick him out after his betrayal. Conan finds himself the queen’s prisoner and turned over to her giant companion to be executed. The rebels have attacked the palace and Maynar gets Conan a sword to free himself. Maynar is then killed by the queen who reveals herself to be a monster. Conan kills her and they burn down the palace where she was creating a zombie army to conquer the world.

“One Night at the Maul”

Writer: Jim Owsley

Artists: Stan Woch and Ned Sonntag

A noblewoman comes to Conan in the Maul in Arenjun. She wants Conan so he takes her to his room. Then he goes downstairs and gets a drunk guy to go up to her. Just then the woman’s husband comes in and Conan directs him to his room. The woman was trying to get her husband killed but is foiled in her scheme by Conan.

Buscema plots out another story and it is enjoyable. He has some solid ideas and by now must have the clout to get them published. Fleisher does a good job of filling in the story and dialogue. Of course the artwork is excellent and this is another enjoyable adventure of Conan’s.

The backup story was also a fun one with plenty of humor. Owsley is a talented writer and these unknown artists do a good job. This was a good issue as we approach the big 100.

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