“This Crazy Planet”

Writer: Jordie Bellaire

Artist: Drew Moss

Vampirella has just arrived on Earth and settles in New York 1969. She loves the punk scene and goes partying every night. Has lots of wild sex. One day a girl she was dating goes missing and Vampirella investigates. It leads her to a sex slave trafficking ring. She attacks it at the docks late at night and tears apart the thugs. Only her girlfriend is terrified of her after she reveals herself to not be quite human.

Another story that takes us back to before Vampirella and Sonja met. This time a solo Vampi story. It was OK but to be honest nothing really special. It was short and like the Sonja story didn’t really tell us much. What I didn’t like is it never told us why Vampirella is in Russia or what brought her there. Another mediocre issue.

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