“Furious & Magical”

Writer: Jordie Bellaire

Artist: Drew Moss

Vampirella discovers that Soviets are conducting experiments on her people from Drakulon. This really gets her pissed and with Sonja the two attack the security guards. Vampirella finds out that the Soviets some years ago on a mission to Mars met with some explorers from Drakulon. They discovered that the Drakulon’s blood could enhance humans so they captured them to transfuse their blood into humans. Only the humans went nuts and this is the origin of the disappearances of hikers in the mountains. Sonja uses the Generation Stone to set the place on fire. It’s magical properties starts a very powerful fire that quickly spreads.

So the Soviets had people on Mars back in the mid-sixties. Well I suppose that the first Vampirella comic had astronauts from Earth in 1969 visited Drakulon. I guess in the alternate reality of Vampirellaland both the U.S. and Soviets had a more advanced secret space program. This was an enjoyable issue. Sonja gets to have fun causing destruction. Vampirella gets to lose her temper and tear up some people and cause a little destruction. Both characters seem to be bonding and I am curious were the story is going. Plus I enjoy the art. The two women look beautiful.

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