“The World…Beyond the Mists!”
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Artists: John Buscema, Rudy Nebres and Ernie Chan

In Shadizar at the temple of the Brotherhood of the Falcon they are having a funeral for three of their fallen comrades. They were all killed by Conan and the group vows revenge. While this is going on the object of their hatred has snuck in to steal the gem eyes from the giant falcon statue. Conan is discovered and manages to escape. While riding away from the city a lunar eclipse occurs and opens a portal to another world. This world has three suns. Conan hears the screams of a woman and rescues her from a group of ghouls. The woman mistakes him for a king and takes him back to a palace. There he is greeted by queen Zenoria who thinks he is the missing King Konar. Conan decides to play along since being king has its perks.

Only the real King Konar was sealed in a cave to die by a plotting nobleman. This noble has men go to check and see if Konar is still in the cave. He also challenges Conan as being a phony. Conan has to battle this huge giant. Conan manages to break his neck and win the challenge. Later Zenoria admits she knows Conan isn’t Konar for Konar is a very cruel man. Yet she knows that she would have to pick a new husband from the nobles and is content with Conan. Later Conan has to lead the army against an invading army of ghouls. While the real Konar managed to escape the cave and comes back. He takes back his crown and has Conan arrested. Zenoria manages to free Conan but Konar had followed his wife and a big fight ensues. Both are equal and Conan manages to get a horse and ride away. Konar follows with his army but is attacked by the Brotherhood of the Falcon who followed Conan through the portal. Conan manages to make it back to his world while Konar has to fight the Brotherhood who think that he is Conan.

Poem by Jim Neal
Artist: Pablo Marcos

A poem of Conan’s battles with Thoth-Amon throughout his life. Full page illustrations by Marcos.

So this story had the tried and true plot of going to a parallel world. Conan finds out his counterpart is king there but is a much crueler man. Someone who beats his wife and likes to torture people. Yet they are the same when it comes to their fighting skills. Fleisher also brings back the assassin guild he introduced some issues back. The Brotherhood of the Falcon would appear throughout Fleisher’s time with Conan and I always enjoyed them. For that matter Conan would have another story with Konar in the future.

The backup was another of these series of full page illustrations accompanied by a poetic story. I am always up for a series of full page illustrations by a talented artist.

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