“Heart of Wrath Part 3”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Roy Allen Martinez

Townsend follows the underground passage on the trail of Virginia. Virginia is at the other side talking to Number 13 who speaks English as well as German. Their conversation is interrupted by a British soldier. He shoots Number 13 who we learn is named Otto. The soldier takes Virginia back to this compound. Townsend comes on the body of Otto and continues on the trail of Virginia. He meets up with her and her captor just outside the compound. He surrenders and they are taken inside. A fight ensues with Townsend going one on one with the mysterious Chinese Ju-jong. Townsend kicks his butt but before Arkwright can have him shot, Otto comes to the rescue. He bursts up from an underground tunnel and tears up the place. Sing Lee arrives to give covering fire to Townsend and Virginia. They escape the compound and decide to leave for home. At the end Arkwright goes into the cellar and finds Dr. Vogel. He also finds that their experiments have escaped. As he leaves we see that behind Vogel’s back are the keys to the cell.

The end of another ERB miniseries. This was good in that it had plenty of action and some good artwork. It really didn’t do much to answer any questions. About the only thing occurring is that the two groups got to meet and find out a little about each other. We still have no idea of what Arkwright’s plan is. Why they are there? Otto or Number 13 seems to have learned German from Dr. Vogel. Vogel also is helping the experiments escape to freedom. Of course I knew that this intricate story wasn’t going to be resolved in three issues. I was right for Island of Terror is the next series in The Monster Men. Looking forward to the next installment sometime in the future.

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