“Heart of Wrath Part 2”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Roy Allen Martinez

The British soldiers from the other compound come to check out the Maxon compound. One of them is killed and taken away by Number 13. The other soldiers find Sing Lee and think he is a pirate. They blame him for the disappearance of their comrade. Townsend and his Lascars get in a firefight with the soldiers and drive them off. After the battle they notice that Virginia is missing and it looks like she was taken by Number 13 through an underground tunnel. Meanwhile back at the other compound we learn that Dr. Vogel is in the employ of Lt. Arkwright and are continuing Maxon’s experiments. They managed to buy the formula from an old colleague of his. Arkwright wants the subjects to be limited mentally so they don’t get to powerful. Arkwright also believes they are almost to the point of perfecting the method to create men for his purposes. At the end we find out Virginia went willingly with Number 13.

This issue gives us some answers about the other compound. It also gives us more questions on what their end motives are and who is really behind the experiments. Number 13 has managed to get Virginia to come with him as Townsend gets in a fight with the British soldiers of Arkwright. A well done story with a mystery in the jungle and some action. The author left much to be resolved in the conclusion but I feel that he is up to the task.

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