“Heart of Wrath Part 1”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Roy Allen Martinez

Townsend Harper, Virginia Maxon and Sing have come back to the island where Dr. Maxon conducted his experiments in creating life. They wanted to find out if Number 13 was still alive. They have found out and 13 tried to kidnap Virginia. Now they debate their next moves. Should they leave or stay. If stay should they try to help 13 or is he too far gone and should be killed. A storm is coming so they barricade themselves in the old compound to ride it out. Meanwhile on the other side of the island there is another compound. One with soldiers to guard it and run by a German scientist. It also has monsters kept in the cellar cages. Number 13 comes in at night to feed them but the creatures are loyal to a Lt. Arkwright and threaten to tell of him.

The first in a new series from one of Burrough’s lesser known works. A sort of Island of Dr. Moreau. It starts off introducing the reader to the protagonists and their motives and past history. It introduces Number 13 who eats human body parts and speaks German. It also introduces us to this mysterious compound with a German scientist and English lieutenant. This compound also has hideous creatures and is up to experiments that Dr. Maxon did. Wolfer once again gives us a continuation of a Burrough’s story that feels like he would have written it. The characters are interesting and the setting gives the reader a sense of mystery. Another entry in the Burrough’s universe that I eagerly await more of.

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