“Violet Vixen The Sage Continues…”
Writers: Todd Livingston & Nick Capentanakis
Artists: Brendon & Brian Fraim

Sonya and her pal Jessica are reading for a part in the break room of a vape shop. Jessica wants to read for a female part and the producers suggest the part of Sonya’s mother. Jess doesn’t think that a 25 year old can play the mother of a 26 year old and storms out angry. Sonya invites her to a sports bar for lunch while they wait for another audition. While there Sonya shows her the new Violet Vixen movie.

So we are introduced to Persephone Winkle who is an online vegan chef. She bakes carrots and stuff. One day she was gathering ingredients and a UFO kidnapped her. The aliens put her in a field of flowers. Since Peri was hungry she ate all the flowers. This saved the alien civilization as these flowers were poisonous to them. These flowers gave Peri the ability to control ultraviolet light. The aliens gave her powers to change into Violet Vixen to fight crime.

So to the present and Violet Vixen is at a rally in Midtown to welcome the new super heroin Madame Midnight. She can control darkness and soon after she arrives Panda Trash Man who is dressed as a racoon(?) comes to spoil the event. Madame Midnight uses her powers to make everything dark and shoot Panda Trash Man in the forehead. Violet Vixen thinks that’s not very superheroy to kill your villains but it goes over well with the masses.

So the two superheroines go to Vixen’s apartment and Madame Midnight tells of her origin. She was a stripper named Candy Noxx whose real name was Cherry. She had a sugar daddy named Daddy Sugar. One day on her birthday this Daddy was taking her on his private spaceship to the moon. Neutron Gamma Pulses bombarded this ship and put Daddy Sugar in a coma. It also gave Candy her powers of controlling darkness.

So the two get a notification of a bank robbery. They hop on the Violet Vespa which is a moped. They confront The Questioner who only talks in questions and his gang The Punctuation Pack. Madame Midnight accidentally hits a switch on the moped that launches a missile killing the villains. Yet later Vixen hears a news report that someone stole all the money in the bank from the hole blasted in the wall and blame Vixen because she didn’t properly secure the money. The mayor in consultation with world leaders forbids Vixen to be a superhero and Madame Midnight is the new city’s champion.

Only Madame Midnight is a villain and robs a diamond factory. We find out that Vixen is afraid of the dark. That as a young girl she was playing with her giant spikes and during a blackout her parents fell down the stairs and impaled themselves. Yet she manages to overcome her fears and confront Midnight. She used her powers to heal Daddy Sugar but when he hears medical expenses made him broke and Vixen is standing in the way he wants Vixen killed. Both girls powers cancel each other out so they rely on a good old fashion catfight. The day is saved when the aliens come in an RV stolen after probing the campers. They capture Midnight and her Daddy in a forcefield so they can be arrested and sent to a prison that everyone always escapes from. At the end Violet finds out her boyfriend is Captain Attraction and they go on to have adventures in the next Vengeancers movie. This pissed off Jessica who storm out of the sports bar.

Yes another installment of Sonya Devereaux. This time is skewers the superhero movie. This is just downright funny. Violet Vixen is just over the top dumb blonde who bakes vegetables for a living and has to always go out for tacos as an excuse to her boyfriend. Who is revealed to also be a superhero. The main villain is an alcoholic /stripper. The next story is coming called Warrior Woman Death Team 5 which takes a shot at the sword and sorcery genre. I really hope they continue writing these.

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