“Realm of the Dead Part 3”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Cyrus Mesarcia

Carson is in the palace of Skor and uses his mental powers to create an image of himself so he can take out the guards. While going to the tower he is confronted by many of Skor’s undead guards. Meanwhile Duare manages to get close to Skor and grab his pistol. She manages to escape. Carson finds out that he has mental control over the dead. Before he can use this newfound power the Zangans attack. Using the attack as a distraction, he makes it to the tower and finds Duare. The dead scientist feels Skor’s power on him fade and helps the two escape. The Zangans kill Skor while Carson and Duare make it to the river and are discovered by Ero Shan and Nalte in their anotar. At the end the dead scientist pays Skor back by bringing him back as a zombie.

Well this was an exciting conclusion to the story. Once again Wolfer tells a story with minimum dialogue and exposition. I really like that he decided to give a conclusion to Skor who Burroughs kept alive in his novel. I thought the ending was right on and his whole portrayal of Skor and his zombies a very accurate presentation. I look forward to future adventures of Carson.

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