“The Eye of Amtor Part 2”
Writers: Mike Wolfer and Matt Betts
Artist: Vincenzo Carratu

Carson and Duare evade the Vortos and make it back to the anotar. The next stop on their quest is near the city of Voo-ad. There they must find the Ranlav Sap. This clear sap is needed for the telescope. Carson bails out using his ballochute which is his own invention. He lands in the giant trees and immediately is attacked by a tongzan. He escapes it and finds the sap. Then he is attacked by a targo. A giant spider that manages to ensnare the sap canister in it’s web. Fortunately the tongzan comes and attacks the targo. This allows Carson to retrieve the cap canister and make it back to the anotar.

“Pellucidar Dark of the Sun Part 2”
Writer: Christopher Paul Carey
Artist: Mike Wolfer

Victory and Jason Gridley are confronted by a Mahar after using their device to turn the sun dark. Victory reveals she communicated with the Mahar when she was eleven. The Mahar queen is the one that David Innes took to the surface. She is able to communicate with the humans by telepathic means. They ask about why the sun turns dark and the Mahar goes and twists a dial. A beam shoots from the sun and opens a portal that sucks in Victory.

I love this story. The Carson story really has a feel of being written by Burroughs. We get a return to the giant trees and creatures that Carson first started his arrival on Venus in the first book. There is also a callback from the novels with his invention of a ballochute. A kind of parachute and balloon. This is really a good story.

Also the Pellucidar backup is good. We find out some more about Victory. She can communicate with the Mahars and has done so in the past. It was very amusing that the Mahar used these nonsense words that didn’t translate well into the human language. This was a very realistic touch that I appreciate. So now a portal to somewhere is open and Victory is going through.

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