“The Dwellers of the Dark Domain!”
Writer: Tom Defalco
Artists: Mike Vosburg & Vince Colletta

The survivors of the Lightning Lords are in a losing battle with the Mygorg. Then Starfire and her two friends come with laser guns. This turns the battle to the humans favor. Thus with the human survivors they join the remnants of Starfire’s army and plan their next move. It is agreed they need to find a safe haven. An old man tells of The Haven an island that humans control. He knows where it is and has the totem that will grant them access. Only soon after a giant spider attacks and kills the old man. They find an albino priest that was victim of the spider. He came from a cave so Starfire and some men go to explore it.

They find a futuristic city and a floater comes with men. Only the men attack because they don’t allow strangers. Starfire captures their leader and is allowed to meet Maybor the head honcho. Maybor tells of how the priests created the Eye of Armageddon which allows the Mygorg to exist on their world. Starfire and her men pass out because their food was drugged. Starfire wakes to find herself hanging from the ceiling in Maybor’s chambers. Maybor has decided to take Starfire as his mate. Starfire kicks him in the face and knocks his glasses off. The light blinds him and Starfire frees herself. She forces Maybor to take her to her men held captive in the colosseum. The men are about to be eaten by another giant spider. She crashes the floater into the spider killing it and Maybor. The explosion blinds the others and her men escape in a floater.

So this is the final issue but was a real fun one. Once again a new writer which would make it four writers and at least two editors for an eight issue run. This did effect the continuity of the series and the character was never allowed to fully form. The world also went through several changes. Now we were getting a new quest in finding the Eye of Armageddon which would expel all the Mygorg.

The series was cancelled right out of the blue. It advertises the next issue on sale the second week of September. The letter page had no mention of a cancellation. There was a brief introduction of a mysterious alien visitor that was hinted to play a major part in a future story. Sadly we never found out about this alien or if Starfire succeeded in freeing her world. This was a unique and enjoyable series that sadly didn’t get the focus it deserved. Musical writers gave it an uneven mythology and the supporting characters alternated from rogues to cowards to heroic. Too bad that this series didn’t continue on for it had great potential.

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