“The Eye of Amtor Part 1.”
Writer: Mike Wolfer & Matt Betts
Artist: Vincenzo Carratu

Carson with his mate Duare and friends Ero Shan and Nalte are flying in the anotar(airplane) on their way to Sanara. They decide to help some herders of zaldars by chasing off attacking tharbans. They land in Loton and are welcomed by their Jong Kabalo. He seems friendly and they are shown around the city. Carson and Duare are taken to their library and shown the maps. The jong also shows them plans to a telescope that Carson says he could build. So the jong then gives Carson an ultimatum. Carson and Duare must retrieve the materials to build it in three days or Ero Shan and Nalte will be executed. So the two take off for the Aprith Stones. The stones are clear coral located in Maltor. Carson dives for the stones and gets one but the two have to fight off Vortos.

“Pellucidar Dark of the Sun Part 1”
Writer: Christopher Paul Carey
Artist: Mike Wolfer

Jason Gridley and Victory Harbin are attempting to set up a radio antennae to get the Gridley wave working again. The tower emits some beam that turns the sun of Pellucidar black. Just then a Mahar comes up from the entrance to the old Mahar city they are by.

This was an excellent comic. It is a prequel to an actual book Carson of Venus The Edge of All Worlds. The story has a real feel of being written by Burroughs and I love it. I also love the introduction the authors write. They explain that Betts gets a visit from Carson’s projected image while visiting ERB Inc. While Carey tells of his finding the lost Gridley wave radio and getting transmissions from Pellucidar. They keep the old Burrough’s feel of being just a teller of the stories that are told to them.

The second backup story is short but also good. It introduces a new character in Victory Harbin a young 18 year old who already graduated Oxford and is brilliant. So far I like her but I hope she doesn’t turn out to be too Mary Sue. So far they are setting her up to be too perfect and characters are at their best with human flaws that the reader can relate to. Still a good start and I am also interesting in reading the new books coming out.

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