“Can’t Help Falling in Midair at 20,000 Feet”
Writer: Scott Duvall
Artist: Vincenzo Federici

The Necronomicon mummy has been able to sneak aboard Elvis’s plane. Now Ash and Elvis have to fight it plus some nasty scarabs and the deadite pilot. Elvis arms himself with nunchucks and throwing stars. Ash of course with his chainsaw and shotgun. They tear up the plane and it crashes into Graceland.

Well this was a fairly simple story. Yet it was effective. Ash and Elvis fight the mummy and his minions on a plane. The plane ends up crashing into Graceland. The main highlight is the banter between our two heroes. Elvis actually offers Ash the opportunity to trade places with him. An offer that Ash seriously considers until he hears the part about reducing his chin. Nobody touches Ash’s chin. A quick but fun read with a cool cliffhanger ending.

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