Writer: Amy Chu
Artists: Maria Laura Sanapo & Giuseppe Cafaro

Jack Pulaski has come back to Drakulon only he is now a cyborg. Complete with Doc Octopus like arms. He also has an army of killer robots. So everybody has to retreat. Betty, Veronica, Dilton and the old man Viktor who is Pulaski’s younger brother go to Draculina’s castle. Because that is the only power source on the planet used to keep humans in a coma to drain their blood. Dilton with his cell phone gets the wormhole working again. The captive humans wake up and they are lead back to Earth. Vampirella and Draculina reconcile and join forces. They manage to distract Pulaski long enough for Sonja to sneak up and chop his head off. One of Pulaski’s cybernetic arms still manages to grab Draculina by the throat and strangle her.

This issue actually has a lot going for it. It was fast paced and kept the story going. I actually kind of liked it. Vampirella and her sister Draculina get back together and there is a tragic cliffhanger to end the story. The artwork looks good. I think Amy is starting to wrap this series up in a good way. I actually am looking forward to seeing how it all ends.

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