“Back to the Future Red Sonja and Vampirella’s Excellent Adventure”
Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Dan Parent

Red Sonja and Vampirella fall out of the wormhole and find themselves in Riverdale 1973. Getting a ride to town they find Betty and Vernoica about to be attacked by Draculina and Vudosol. They save the two and Veronica takes them back to her place. In the morning they go to Dilton so he can build a time machine to get the two back to the future. Vampirella takes a nap and wake up to find Sonja out exploring the world. She finds Sonja in Cambodia fighting some soldiers. Vampirella brings her back to Riverdale so they can use the time machine Dilton build to get back to Drakulon.

Now this was one weird issue. It was drawn just like the old classic Archie comics. I liked the art but otherwise I found the whole story just weird and incomprehensible. So are they in an alternate reality since all the gang from Riverdale is there. Is the point that the characters are eternal teenagers. I didn’t really care for this story. Hopefully they will have some more down to Earth adventures on Drakulon.

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