Writer: Amy Chu
Artists: Maria Laura Sanapo & Silvia Califano

Betty and Veronica during their interview with Pulaski find out he has a rare blood disease that should have killed him in his twenties. Yet he looks good until he suddenly starts to get weak. He calls for his treatment and Draculina shows up. She is the sister of Vampirella and has been providing her blood to keep Pulaski alive. Only now she decides to end their relationship and let Pulaski die. She takes Betty and Veronica captive in the chairs they are sitting in. Then takes them to the basement where a wormhole exists that leads back to Draculon. They meet up with Vampirella and Sonja. Draculina continues on to Drakulon and sabotages the gate trapping Sonja and Vampirella in the wormhole.

I have to say that I like this second storyline a lot better then the first. They have moved it out of the high school which was really dragging down the story. This new story that involves Draculon and a conspiracy with an Earth pharmaceutical corporation has some potential. Now this issue was a heavy exposition one so not much action but leaves open for some more action oriented issues.

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