Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Maria Laura Sanapo

The gang is eating lunch at the mall food court talking about their respective worlds. Vampirella tells of the draught on her world and how an Earth spaceship landed. This is how she arrived on Earth and now wants to go home. Just then a man comes up to them and asks from help. Before he can say anything else a man in a skeleton mask and hood stabs him. He gets away because he has inhuman speed. The dying man gives the girls a flash drive and a cryptic message to stop someone from killing us all.

The man turns out to be a scientist at Pulaski Pharmaceuticals. Dilton can’t unencrypt the flash drive but does figure out that Vampirella’s spaceship crashed on the site of Pulaski Pharmaceuticals. So Veronica uses her dad’s influence to get an interview with the founder of the company. They meet with the founder who has a mostly automated futuristic office. Meanwhile Vampirella and Sonja sneak into the building and find Vampirella’s old spaceship. They are attacked by robots and forced to flee through the air ducts. They fall into a hole and find themselves on Drakulon the home of Vampirella.

So the second story arc starts and so far it’s good. It has an interesting setup. The plot was easy to follow and coherent. There is one artist so the arts good. It introduces several things that raise many questions and get the reader’s interest in continuing on. Moving the action out of Riverdale was probably a wise idea.

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