Writer: Amy Chu
Artists: Maria Laura Sanapo, Ivan F Silva with David Anton

Betty and Veronica are prisoners of the Vampiri who have been responsible for all the deaths. Their science teacher who was missing and thought dead and a guy who dresses like Dracula but named Vudosol are the leaders. They have been using their followers by giving them a Drakulon blood serum that enhances them but is highly addictive. So some have been getting greedy and they decided to frame the Cult of Chaos for all the murders. Just then Vampirella comes to the rescue. She finds out the two and others have followed her from their planet which is in the middle of a blood drought. Sonja also comes to the rescue with the football team. The two Draculons are holding their own until Dilton comes and hits them with a school bus. The two vampiri disappear and the teens that were helping them are arrested. Later Vampirella is determined to go back to her home and the others pledge to accompany her. Outside Vudosol and Eve are watching. Eve is in fact Vampirella’s sister Draculina.

OK so there was a bunch of stuff going on in this issue. In fact it seemed to be a bit rushed. Now the series was originally meant to be a six issue run. But it was so successful that Dynamite extended it for another six. So this story arc is coming to an end and another starts next issue. Now I don’t know how this extension affected the ending for this one. So far it ended on a very confusing note with really no explanation of why Sonja and Vampirella came to Riverdale. I will say that the next idea of visiting Draculon is an interesting idea. So we will see where it takes us.

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