Writer: Amy Chu and Alexander Chang
Artists: Maria Laura Sanapo, Luis Garcia Marina, Ivan F. Silva, with David Anton, Marlano Taibo, and Alvaro Sarraseca

Riverdale is on edge with all the unsolved murders. Dilton has come out of his coma. Only he doesn’t remember much about his attackers except they were more than one and they were hooded. Veronica comes up with a plan to lure the attackers out of hiding. So Betty and Veronica go on Youtube and announce that Dilton will reveal who attacked him. The school newspaper editor hears this and calls an editorial meeting. So Betty and Veronica go while leaving Sonja and Vampirella to guard Dilton. A good thing for the hooded cultists attack. They reveal themselves to be like Drakulions. Meanwhile Betty and Veronica arrive at the meeting and find out the editor is part of the cult. The two are captured and taken to the cult’s leaders.

The story is picking up a bit. We finally find out that the school editor is part of it. She apparently became a vampire to help her get into an ivy league school. Guess you need that kind of extracurricular activity nowadays. The leaders are revealed to be what looks like Dracula and some blonde chick. The story was OK but nothing really spectacular. What was really disappointing is the quality of the art. From the credits you can tell it was drawn by committee and it shows. Well next week the big final confrontation with the Chaos Cult.

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