Writer: Amy Chu
Artists: Maria Laura Sanapo and Ivan F. Silva with David Anton

Veronica uses her wealth to bail out Vampirella from prison. Veronica goes to the blood bank to continue her investigation while Betty goes to a Pussycats benefit concert. Vampirella and Sonja are to stay out of sight at Veronica’s home. While investigating Veronica finds out that all the victims had a rare blood type. Betty has that blood type so she tries to contact her. Only Betty is busy interviewing the Pussycats so she calls Sonja and Vampirella instead. They jump into a sportscar and take off for the concert. They crash the car and arrive just in time as some hooded goons attack. Only Betty, Veronica and the Pussycats manage to kick their asses. The lights come back on and the hooded goons have disappeared. At the hospital Dilton comes out of his coma.

Another issue and I can’t say I am impressed. It seems to be a very slow moving story. I would like the plot to be picked up a bit. So we found out that all the victims have O negative blood. Great but otherwise nothing much happened. I hope they pick up the action next issue.

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