Writer: Max Bemis
Artist: Eoin Marron

Dale finds some kind of fighter craft which is real easy to use. So he takes off and attacks the centipede. It ends up eating his craft. A vision of his mom wakes him up and he finds out that the centipede is pregnant. What follows is a rambling about how evil men are and Dale than blows out of the centipede through her ass. He then sends a missile up her butt which blows the centipede up. At the end he gets a radio message from his boyfriend who is apparently still alive. There are other survivors and he begs Dale to come to them. Dale refuses because this isn’t a love story and blasts off into space in his fighter.

So this heap of shit of a series comes to a close. Dynamite was slated to do a whole series of titles based on the old classic Atari games. I was looking forward to this as I grew up in the eighties with Atari. Seemed like a cool idea. Unfortunately they chose this asshat to do a series and naturally it tanked. So I guess for now there will be no classic Atari in the future because someone hired a complete incompetent idiot. Anyway we will move on to something much better.

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