“The Sea of No Return”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from story by Danette Couto
Artists: Ernie Colon and Ernie Chan

Conan is passing through the small kingdom of Ravenna. From a barmaid he gets the story of the local politics. The princess Crigatha is to marry a prince from the small island of Alcalais. The ambassador from Alcalais Jabezo is at the inn with the court jester a dwarf named Stubb. Jabezo for some reason decides to tell Stubb that Conan insulted the princess. This gets the drunk dwarf mad and he attacks Conan. In the struggle he runs into a post and everyone assumes he is dead. They arrest Conan for this.

Later Conan is freed by the regent Torio. He is hired to accompany him on the trip to Alcalais. Seems Jazebo was poisoned and Torio thinks someone on the trip did it. Conan soon gets embroiled in the intrigue on the trip to the island. Others are killed and it is soon revealed that Jazebo was a sorcery who was exiled from Ravenna. He made up the whole phony kingdom to gain control of Ravenna. A fight ensues that sets the ship on fire and Conan managing to kill Jazebo.

“Bront Part Two”
Writers: John Buscema and J.M. Dematteis
Artist: John Buscema

The man from the dystopian society wakes up with no memory of who he is or where he is. He sees a young woman being attacked by a large cat. He fights the cat and kills it with his bare hands. Soon the woman he rescued is joined by her tribe of Amazons. They capture him and the woman he rescued claims him for her own. She as to fight another of the tribe and wins. Thus the man is lead into slavery and given the name Bront.

So they decided to take out a Thomas story that was still hanging around. This was a good idea to wait and instead start the new regime with original stories to show what direction the magazine was going in. It is probably a good time to burn off the leftover scripts from Thomas. This was adapted from a story by Thomas’s girlfriend later wife. It was an enjoyable story filled with plenty of complex intrigue and twists. A large cast that included a sinister dwarf and cowardly royal relatives. Not to mention an evil sorcery and his somewhat complex plan to take over the kingdom. It was well written by Thomas and a welcome return for the man who has guided Conan the past ten years.

We also get another installment of Buscema’s creation of Bront. I loved this character and the wild world he was put in. Filled with beautiful Amazon women and savage beasts this series has already shown great potential and shows that Buscema had some creative ideas as well as artistic talent.

One thought on “SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #66

  1. That’s one of the best Savage Sword covers for awhile. They really missed Earl Norem. I guess Buscema was busy enough drawing all the issues but its a wonder he didn’t do a few paintings for the covers, he was pretty good with the few he did do.

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