Writer: Max Bemis
Artist: Eoin Marron

So Dale is attacked by spiders but luckily has a large gun that blows them to pieces. So later at night he reflects on his past. He has a talk with his mother about his abusive father. The two bond by making fun of his dad’s gut. He also gets support after revealing he is in love with a man. So after this he tries many different plans to destroy the centipede. None are successful. Another flashback with Dale and his boyfriend having an argument as the centipede destroys the city. His boyfriend chastises him for running away instead of fighting. The centipede in spite of being powerful enough to destroy a planet is incapable of taking out this dipshit survivor. So he starts throwing spiders at Dale. Dale shoots them than decides to eat some of the mushrooms that the centipede leaves around. Dale has a psychedelic experience where he flies around naked and making out with his boyfriend.

God is this series a heaping pile of shit. We get to find out Dale’s father is abusive and unloving. His mother is just so understanding. A good lecture about Dale’s fears of turning into all the toxic masculinity that his father is. He tries all sorts of stupid attempts to kill the centipede. The dumb centipede can’t even kill this loser. Yes this series is pure shit. I have a feeling it’s not going to get any better.

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