“The Man Who Could Walk Through Walls”
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artist: Steve Ditko

Senator Brickman goes on a rant after seeing Machine Man on the news saving a school bus full of children. He needs to demonize Machine Man to energize his Presidential campaign. His aids suggest that they get the public to think Machine Man will steal their jobs. Brickman loves this and starts to campaign to stop Machine Man from stealing jobs.

The senators two aids than go and visit a brother who is a scientist. This scientist is conducting experiments on a volunteer by taking density from another dimension and transferring it to the test subject. This damages the man’s mind but makes him super strong and invincible. A special microphone can communicate with the guy. They find out that they can control the dense guy and decide to frame Machine Man. They dress him up as Machine Man and rob a bank. Soon the police are after Machine Man. Machine Man comes on the imposter and tries to stop him but the dense man is too powerful. Machine Man decides to surrender and while in jail the imposter strikes again proving Machine Man’s innocence. Machine Man manages to track down the dense man and defeat him by taking the microphone. The scientist is able to cure the dense man and everyone is happy. Only Brickman still goes on about how Machine Man is a threat to people’s jobs.

Man is there a lot going on in this issue. I didn’t even get into the sub plots of a woman stalking Machine Man’s alter ego Aaron Stack at the insurance company. Wow is the science just goofy beyond belief. Drawing density from another dimension and making someone very dense. The over the top Senator Brickman with the huge mouth and his nutty drive for President. I tell you they knew how to shove a ton of story into an issue back than. A real lost art nowadays.

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