“Mother, May I?”
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Shane Davis

The robot that took Kamandi brings him to a room and proclaims another ready to be stuffed and mounted. Only the other robot notices that Kamandi is a human and they are not supposed to add him to the Museum of Animal Abominations. They plan to take him to the mysterious Commander. Kamandi decides he doesn’t want to go and grabs an assault rifle off the wall. He shoots his way out and finds that he is on a base in the middle of the Ocean of Giant Waterspouts. He jumps on a jet ski and takes off. He meets up with sharks with arms and guns. They defeat the robots and take Kamandi to an island. They want him to infiltrate the tower on land and kill the Commander. He gets help from other anthropomorphic animal people.

After an ambush Kamandi decides to go it alone. He infiltrates the tower and fights the robots only to be rescued by a beautiful blonde woman. This woman turns out to be Kamandi’s mother. It is a short lived reunion as his mother is killed by others attacking the tower.

After the depressing black and white artwork it is quite refreshing to get an issue with vibrant colors. This was an interesting development in Kamandi finding his mother only to lose her right away. We get some backstory to Kamandi’s past. There was an Android War that his parents went off to fight which caused the Great Disaster. His mother also has plans to destroy all the animal people on the planet which doesn’t sit well with Kamandi. The series seems to be back on track.

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