Writer: Max Bemis
Artist: Eion Marron

So we continue with Dale lecturing us about the centipede. Basically the centipede is very dumb which is how he escapes it. The dumb centipede falls on it’s back. The centipede was found to be very dumb but invulnerable. They tried sniping it. Building a giant maze with half-eaten people as bait. This is where they find out it eats steel. Lure it into a nuclear testing zone with a female centipede mock up. We never find out what happened there. They also feed it it’s own poop. Eventually the centipede finds Dale talking to us and attacks. Dale manages to stab it in the eye and it flies off. So he goes back to his bunker and sleeps for two days. Then he talks to us about his best friend growing up. It turns into a homosexual relationship. Dale is back in the present driving in a heavily armed land rover and the centipede finds him. He drives over a cliff which turns out to be not that long. The dumb centipede flies by him too dumb to notice where Dale went. At the end the giant spiders attack him.

OK so this centipede is so dumb but the advanced military and finest minds can’t come up with anyway to defeat it. Yet Dale just stabs it in the eye with a knife and hurts it. Well that’s believable. Then we go on about his childhood friend that turns into his lover. Another pointless encounter and another cliffhanger that you really are rooting for the spiders to eat this guy. So basically the whole moral of the story is you have to be dumb to defeat a dumb monster. I have a feeling that his series will not improve down the road.

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