“Ain’t It a Drag?”
Writer: Tom King
Artists: Kevin Eastman & Freddie Williams

Kamandi wakes up on a table. He is with other anthropomorphic people. They like Kamandi were all swallowed by the sea monster from last issue. Every day a robot comes in and drags one of the prisoners off. Kamandi always tries to fight the robot but gets his ass kicked. As the very long period goes on, we get to see the various personalities of his fellow prisoners. Finally on day 237 Kamandi is the last occupant of the cell. The robot comes and easily knocks him out and drags him out the door to an unknown fate.

This has to unfortunately be the first of this series that I didn’t care for. First is the story which just dragged on and on. It’s just Kamandi always attacking this robot and getting his ass kicked. Than one of the other prisoners gets meekly dragged away. Something that really didn’t need a whole issue to tell. The other thing I didn’t care for was the art. I’m not very picky about art but this was a let down. It was done in black & white which can be quite beautiful if properly done. This style was very sketchy and murky. So a combination of poor writing and not really good art doomed this issue.

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