Writer: Max Bemis
Artist: Eoin Marron

Dale Trell is the last survivor on the planet Sty-rek. He has been living in a bunker and has decided to make up an imaginary friend. He tells his story of how his planet steals and harvests information from other systems. His favorite are the pulp fiction stories of Earth. So he decides to get out of the bunker and explore the nearby city with an assault rifle. In the city he finds mushrooms from the giant centipede lying around. He also is attacked by giant spiders and manages to destroy them by blowing up his land rover.

A flashback shows that Dale wasn’t a very bright kid. He was more interested in make believe instead of the collective need of his society. Their religion is filled with bland passionless gods. So he continues on wandering around the city until he comes face to face with the giant centipede.

So the second Atari series that Dynamite did was on the classic Centipede game. This one was taking place on some alien but Earth-like world that was destroyed by a giant centipede. Not a bad idea but so far this story did not impress me. The main character is totally unlikeable. He seems pathetic and his whole society sounds like one big dull planet. The whole goofy thing with this society stealing other peoples info is just kind of dumb. I don’t have much faith that it will get better but who knows?

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