Writers: Howard Post and Andrew Gutelle
Artists: Howard Post and Robert Smith

Oliver is the littlest elf. He has his friends spider, scorpion, flea and centipede. As he arrives home from visiting his friends the evil wizard on Mr. Mushmore turns his family’s crop of mushrooms into toadstools. Seems this evil wizard loves toadstools and is turning all the valley’s mushrooms into slimy toadstools. Naturally the elves depend on mushrooms since that’s all they eat. So they gather a mob to go after the wizard. Oliver being the littlest is left behind to chop down the toadstools.

The wizard uses his wand to turn the mob into toadstools. He than notices Oliver chopping down his toadstools and grows bat wings and tries to turn him into a toadstool. Only while chasing him he isn’t paying attention and crashes into a chimney. Oliver grabs up the wand and it takes him away. He goes looking for the other elves never realizing they were turned to toadstools.

The wizard than goes to his insect friends and hypnotizes them to go after Oliver. Only the littlest segment of the centipede is not hypnotized and warns Oliver. Oliver uses the wand to turn his bug friends into mushrooms. He than forces the wizard to un-hypnotize his friends and turn everyone back. Oliver’s final act is to zap the evil wizard and make him a good one.

So this mini-comic was included with the Atari game Centipede. It was a fun little comic with all the characters from the video game. It gave a good story to the game. I loved these little extra comics that were included with the games. They were well done.

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