“The Return of Amra!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artists: John Buscema & Ernie Chan

Ajaga the Beast King of Abombi has captured Belit. He takes her to his city and brags about how he plans to have her killed slowly. Conan is assumed dead after being knocked off a cliff by two baboons. The tree branches and body of a baboon manage to cushion his fall. As he lies unconscious a black lion comes and shoos off the jackals. Conan awakes and finds that Shlomo the lion that served the old Amra has now come to look out for him. So Conan heads off to rescue Belit and get revenge on Ajaga.

His journey takes him to a cave with a bizarre symbol on the ground. Shlomo will not cross it. So Conan goes alone into the cave. There he finds an old witch doctor name G’Chambi. G’Chambi is hiding out from Ajaga and tells him of the symbol and how it relates to Jhebbal Sag. G’Chambi is suddenly attacked by a small dinosaur that found a way in. Conan than fights it and manages to bash it’s head on a rock. He takes out G’Chambi and learns he must draw the symbol perfectly to shield him. G’Chambi dies and is buried as Conan continues on to Abombi.

This was actually the first of the color Conan the Barbarian’s that I started to regularly collect this series instead of casually. I really loved this story. It had a very Tarzan vibe to it and I loved Tarzan. Still do. A cool story with lions and dinosaurs. Cool idea to use a plot point from one of Howard’s stories about Jhebbal Sag. A good solid idea for Conan’s final story arc with Belit and the Black Corsairs.

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