Writer: Bill Willingham
Artist: Cezar Razek

The Venture has traveled to Mars. Jane is concerned because Tarzan seems to be keeping his plan to himself. When they arrive on Mars, Tarzan has the crew set up camp. Than he takes the ship off by himself. He purposely flies over the Warhoon territory where they shoot down the ship. Tarzan attacks them and kills a few before surrendering. The Warhoon take him back and throw him in a cell with another captive. That captive is John Carter and Tarzan has come to rescue him. Meanwhile the Black Pirates have taken The Resolve to Mars. The crew of The Venture spent time fighting off the fierce creatures of Barsoom and see a huge warfleet approaches them.

So the action gets to Mars or Barsoom as the natives call it. Tarzan has been acting secretive even from his wife. Apparently he has some weird plan to go and rescue John Carter. I liked this issue. It has a mystery and also some fun times as they are now on Barsoom. We also get united with two of Burrough’s greatest characters. The artist really has captured the feel of what Barsoom should look like. The story continues to build up interest and keep the reader engaged.

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