“Quick Trick”
Writer & Artist: Jack Kirby

Machine Man uses his extending eyes to watch as the Autocron invasion fleet enters the solar system. The partygoers that he is with start to annoy him so he leaves. At this time the army has tracked him using the tracker implanted in his head. Only he still manages to elude them and take a taxi. A conversation with the cabbie makes Machine Man realize that there are many people on Earth that deserve to be saved. So he goes and finds Ten-For who has started to go on a rampage. He has a fight that damages his arm. Yet Machine Man uses his hypno power to subdue Ten-For. He than rigs Ten-For as a massive Nova bomb and sends him on his way. Ten-For goes to the Autocron invasion fleet and detonates, destroying the invasion fleet and saving Earth.

I knew that Machine Man would have to come around and be the hero. I nice little scene with the black cabbie and how everybody is basically in the same boat. Has a nice message considering what’s going on at this time. Wow is Machine Man a robot with some incredible powers. He can now hypnotize robots. Also rig them as a massive nuke and destroy entire alien fleets. He also has friends in Dr. Spaulding and the TV reporter he met at the party. So will Machine Man get the respect he deserves. Probably not. We’ll see next issue.

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